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Keeping Faith Simple

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  10 am Worship
  6PM - Meal
  6:45PM Word Herd Children's Study
  7PM - Youth Group
Word Heard is for children through 6th Grade. (Adults are invited to join us!

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    God is an awesome God, but walking with Him isn’t a complex formula to figure out. Jesus said that all the commands hang on these two: Love God and love your neighbor as yourself—Matthew 22:37-39.
    Jesus described what God wanted from us in simple terms and we are striving to keep faith simple as well. We want to fulfill these commands by following two actions: Love God and live like Jesus.
    To love God the way we should we will worship Him and learn about Him. When we meet, we spend time praising God and spend time in His Word to know Him better.
    To live like Jesus means that we want to follow His teachings every day and love and care for our friends and neighbors around us.
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Word Herd & Rock Solid Youth Group
SALT Sunday - May 29

Believe Guatemala Garage Sale - June 4th

2nd Chances Coffee House - June 12th

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